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modular construction


Homes Factory Poland was established to professionally support investors in modular construction. Our experience in steel construction, timber component manufacturing and segmented interior finishing systems enables us to provide tailored solutions to developers, manufacturers and private clients. We support development investments from the concept stage to the construction of finished buildings. We help to create new brands of modular houses based on a line of several models according to established design criteria. We provide ready-made elements for self-assembly of a dream modular house.



Manufacture of steel structures

We supply steel constructions for modular houses. We have ready-to-use solutions for welded structures and prefabricated elements for self-assembly. Our offer includes passive structures to be founded on foundation blocks and mobile structures with wheels and steering axis axles. We also manufacture structures according to individual designs. The supplied structures are protected with anti-corrosion coatings.

Production of modular houses

We provide services of serial production of modular houses. We prepare fully finished structures as well as those in a developer's standard (shell and core). We carry out all stages of investment, from the creation of the concept through selection of most suitable materials to delivery of finished modular houses. Modern machinery allows us to optimise the use of construction materials. The experience of our assembly workers guarantees the quality of workmanship that meets the standards set by the investor.

produkcja domów_edited.jpg

Prefabrication of OBS/MFP boards

We offer prefabricated OBS/MFP boards machined according to the design. Prepared elements include all window and door openings of the modular house and have cut-outs for electrical boxes. The boards are fitted to the roof slope angles. Before the delivery, all elements are marked, specifying both the place and sequence of assembly in the modular house.

Prefabrykowanie płyt OBS-MFP.JPG
Prefabrykowane panele tapicerowane.JPG

Prefabrication of

finishing panels:

painted and upholstered

We have a wide range of prefabricated finishing panels. We supply panels in standard sizes as well as those adjusted to the investor's project. We manufacture plain and upholstered panels. A wide range of colours and textile materials used to manufacture the panels allows easy interior personalisation of each mobile home. A simple assembly system enables fast and stable fixing of prefabricated panels and their replacement at any time.

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